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Tontex Industrial Park emergency rescue training course

May 07,2019     |     Published in:Guangzhou panyu Tontex Plastic Co .,Ltd.

According to the arrangement of panyu District Federation of Trade Unions and as one of the grassroots activities of panyu District Federation of Trade Unions, we held a training activity on "Common Accident Injury Emergency rescue" in Tontex Industrial Park from 3:00pm to 5:00pm on May 17th. More than 70 employees from the park attended the course.  

Mr. Yu Min has many titles and positions, such as national First responders technician, tutor, national First responders evaluator, AHA(HS) heart first responders tutor, Vice president of Guangzhou Blue Sky Rescue Association, technical supervisor, coach evaluation group leader of Guangdong Auxiliary Rescue Volunteers Association, etc.  In the emergency rescue has a very rich theoretical and practical experience.  

In the class, Teacher Yu combined with our company and some practical cases he personally experienced, from the first aid of heat stroke, epilepsy, heart attack, respiratory foreign body choking, hemostasis, burn and burn emergency treatment, CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation and so on several aspects made a profound and simple explanation.  The combination of rich theoretical knowledge and practical practice has benefited both supervisors and employees who participated in this course. 

As an employee of a manufacturing company, we access to the emergency rescue knowledge is not much, and the enterprise's training content is also very limited, which to a certain extent, led to the emergency occurs, emergency rescue work cannot be effective, emergency response teams don't really play the role of "emergency".  And this training let the employees realize: emergency with method, only skilled in emergency rescue methods, we can bring themselves or the injured people more hope.  


Paul Chen assistant manager put forward the following emergency ambulance to the work, including the preparation of emergency rescue materials as soon as possible, formulate emergency rescue assessment method, the emergency rescue in in-service education and required content of the new staff induction training, conducting quarterly live emergency drills, etc., and puts forward the company's future emergency rescue vision:  A first-aid station equipped with AED automatic defibrillator was set up, and the first first-aid volunteer team in the park was established based on the employees who had mastered CPR and other first-aid knowledge in the park, and the team was connected with outside volunteer organizations.  

The second first aid course will start on May 24.

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