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Excellent quality, from continuous improvement!

Jun 09,2018     |     Published in:Guangzhou panyu Tontex Plastic Co .,Ltd.

Recently each department have progress in improvement, We have an inescapable responsibility in solving the problem, this is a good phenomenon, this is the aim to education training, but that's not enough, we need to create an all-hands-on-deck improvement environment, we should let employees clear improvement ideas and methods, it is next to the perfect job.  

In fact, we are insist on improving all the time. From the sales department , R&D ,design to the mass production of products, every step is based on continuous improvement. But there is a method to improvement. Whether we really understand and use the improvement tools, or we just improvement carelessly. 

"Let the problem stop with me" and "do not let the problem occur again" are the responsibilities of all levels of supervisors, and the common way to solve the problem is to adopt project improvement for complex problems.  Through the project improvement, on the one hand, brainstorming, looking for solutions;  On the other hand, the problem solving ability and leadership ability of employees can be cultivated through project improvement. Project education is the best way to exercise and cultivate talents.  

Business department -System improvement conference

General maintenance and manufacturing department -Reduce equipment failure rate project improvement meeting

Management department-

Staff Recruitment Achievement Rate Project Improvement Meeting

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