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Hand in hand 40years,Found Fair and Lead fair will light up the future together

Jun 15,2019     |     Published in:Guangzhou panyu Tontex Plastic Co .,Ltd.

Morning of June 14, 2019, Found Fair plastic industry co., LTD., established 40th anniversary celebration held in" Huang dynasty  feasting " restaurant, the shareholders of  company, the company related business management cadres, customers, suppliers, and the old employee representatives, totaling more than two hundred people attended the celebration.

Meizhu associate director and Chairman, 40 years of struggle has condensed the brother and sister's deep feeling that blood is thicker than water!  

Guan Lin Lin, associate director, one of the founding fathers of the company.

 Thanks along with your company!

The support of shareholders is always the driving force for the continuous growth of the company. Thank you! 

Customer satisfaction is our unswerving pursuit, thank you for your trust and support!  

In the future, let's continue to work together for win-win cooperation!

The chairman reviewed the 40 years' development of Found Fair, we have been experienced difficult situations before, thanks customers and friends trust and support, thanks  the friends in bank who give us help and care, thanks suppliers who understand and tolerance us, and more thanks the corporate shareholders and employees their persistence and dedication in the past 40 years!

40 years, from young to old, Looking back, the development process of Fond fair enterprise condensed sweat, also carries the hope, because we always adhere to the quality and honor, adhere to the service and innovation, uphold the firm and honest core value concept, the company can step by step to today, and continue to grow!

Our chairman wept several times.  Parents work hard, friends help, the process of hard, missing and grateful interweave together, is also a rare life experience!  

Mei Zhu associate manager recalled some details of the company's establishment and development process, “Business and in setting is not easy!  It is the support and help of friends, the company can overcome the difficulties one by one!  

As a new generation of leaders and successors, Paul Chen thank you for a long time to pay for the group, he believe that there are friends from various industry to get support and help as before, we have all employees adhere and pay, the company will be able to overcome various difficulties and challenges, usher in a brighter future for the next forty years!  

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