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2019 Tontex Industrial Park production safety accident emergency rescue drill

Jul 20,2019     |     Published in:Guangzhou panyu Tontex Plastic Co .,Ltd.

                  On July 19, Tontex Industrial Park held the first production safety accident emergency rescue drill of this year. 

To examine park in sudden serious production safety accident emergency response and emergency rescue capabilities, the production safety accident emergency has been adjusted on the basis of the previous drill projects, the main practice contents include emergency evacuation, local fire fighting and rescue, emergency rescue CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and trauma treatment), simulation in wire short to local fire accident result in workshop,  And there are personnel in electroshock, injury and other circumstances to carry out emergency rescue process. 

The emergency drill rescue organization is composed of five groups: emergency evacuation group, warning group, communication support group, rescue and relief group, and medical rescue group. The firemen of the manufacturing department participated in the fire fighting drill. 

Rescue and relief team assembled quickly, arrived at the scene of the accident, cut off the source of danger and Fire fighting operation  

The emergency evacuation group shall organize each unit to evacuate according to the designated route.

The Greatest man in the company

Where there is danger, there are our emergency rescue volunteers.

Remove the casualty quickly and move to a safe area.

Emergency hemostasis and bandaging of trauma.


Give CPR to the people who has stop the heart and breathing.

"Everything for life", this is our creed and purpose of emergency rescue volunteers!  

At present, there are 17 members with CPR first aid qualification, and more colleagues will receive CPR first aid training and join our volunteer organization.

Paul Chen assist manager in summarizing the drill. He thanked all the drill commanders and emergency rescue team members for their hard work. He also hoped that all the team members could improve their emergency rescue ability through more practical drills and professional training, and make their own contributions to creating a safer and more stable production environment.  

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