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2019 hundred Days of rectification oath activities

Oct 10,2019     |     Published in:Guangzhou panyu Tontex Plastic Co .,Ltd.

At 8:00 October 9th, the 100-day rectification activity of the company was held in the conference room on the second floor of Lead fair office building. More than 20 people participated in the activity, including Chen Zhiyong, the assistant manager and relevant departments,the rectification team members.  

According to the arrangement of the company, the rectification activities involved in the factory including Winmost, Everwin, Tontex, as well as Lead Fair sales department, development, manufacturing department.  The pre-planning of the activity started from the beginning of September, including team structure, project selection, progress arrangement, etc., Officially started today (October 9), the rectification project will be completed within 100 days, and the 100-day rectification activity presentation is expected to be held on January 16 before the Lunar New Year. 

Successful enterprises must have the ability to adjust to the changes of internal and external environment, and must have the ability to constantly absorb new knowledge and experience to change the existing production mode and management mode, which is the cornerstone of long-term development of enterprises.  In this 28 years, the internal and external environment have a great change, but the enterprise management function is gradually aging, the operation efficiency is not obvious, which reduces the overall competitiveness, it is difficult to adapt to the challenge of the future market. This rectification, is an internal self-transformation behavior, all the company members can join it, from sales department, development to materials, manufacturing and other, comprehensively enhance the company competitiveness level.

The report of the Lead Fair sales department, development department.

Deputy Manager Xiao reported the preliminary planning of Tontex rectification project.

Commissioner Su will report the situation of Winmost/Everwin rectification project.

Assistant manager Paul Chen led the rectification team members to solemnly swear.

Despite all kinds of difficulties and challenges, it is impossible to achieve the rectification target immediately, but we believe that with the guidance of consultants and seniors, we will definitely achieve the rectification target.  Let's work together, do our best, and strive for a better tomorrow!  

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