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Create a passionate and dynamic corporate culture

Sep 26,2018     |     Published in:Guangzhou panyu Tontex Plastic Co .,Ltd.

In 2018, after five years, our company hold the Mid-Autumn Festival party again. Although the number of employees has decreased a lot compared with five years ago, we still hope to make the performance party for Mid-Autumn Festival" with high quality, which can unite people and enhance the vitality of the enterprise.


"This is really a waste money activity, why we hold a Mid-Autumn evening party?" This is the objection I hear most.

Let's convert the cost into cash and give it to employees

This is the advice I hear the most. Whether the companies can attract and retain talent which without any basic cultural activities and salary becomes the only driver of the job.


In fact, compared with ten years old Lead fair, great changes have taken place in the personnel structure, between 30 and 40 years old employees have become the mainstream.  Old employees have rich working experience, this is the company's asset. But at the same time, old employees are easy have one-track mind and afraid to try and take risks, which will become the shackles of the company on the road of innovation.  Therefore, the mission of corporate culture construction is how to make employees keep their passion for work, vitality and innovative spirit while increasing their work experience.  


            Toshio Toki, the founder of Toshiba, said the secret of his company's success was "valuing the development and flexible use of people".  He believes that people who are passionate about their work will regard their work as a sacred duty. No matter how severe the test is, they will always continue and never give up.  Fostering passion for work is a vital part of team management. 

 In my opinion, we must use different ways to improve employees' sense of participation and identity in their work and the enterprise. So that they can fully devote themselves to the company. This is one of the things that we must insist on building a corporate culture

  And I also believe that this is the general consensus of the chairman and all levels of executives!  

Tontex Industrial Park internal magazine "Tontex Garden" December 2006 issue.

Tontex Industrial Park internal magazine "Tontex Garden" January 2006 issue.

2005 Tontex Industrial Park Mid-Autumn Party " Love spell will win ".

2005 Tontex Industrial Park Mid-Autumn Evening Party opening dance " Earth melody ".

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